What is Coolsculpting and what are the benefits?

CoolSculpting© is one of our most popular services, but also one of the services that we receive the most questions about. To further understand what CoolSculpting© is, read below!

CoolSculpting© is a fat-eliminating method that freezes your fat cells, kills them, and then you eliminate them through normal body excretion. This (really, I’ve seen it with my own eyes!) leaves you looking slimmer within six to twelve weeks.

Many people want to know how to start the process to a slimmer you!

First, you come in for a free consult (appointments are recommended but not always necessary). During your consult, we’ll talk about your problem areas and how CoolSculpting© can help. We will then assess the area with a plastic measuring tool that mimics the size of the applicators. During this process, there will be a little pinching and moving you around to get a proper assessment.

Once it’s established that you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting©, we will make an appointment (sometimes the same day).

During your treatment, we begin by marking (sharpie) out of the areas to be treated. We usually don’t recommend doing more than four applicators in a day, but it is possible to do more. Then, a gel pad is applied to your skin to protect it from the cold. After that, the applicator is applied where you will feel a sucking pressure as the fat is pulled into the applicator (think of a vacuum hose). Then, the machine begins to cool where it will only feel cold for about 7-8 minutes, and then the area becomes numb. The procedure takes between 35-45 minutes and the great news is that it’s not painful at all!

Before&After CoolSculpting©

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During your treatment, you can lie back, use your phone, work on your computer/iPad, watch TV while the machine does its magic! If anything, it’s a little boring.

The cost of CoolSculpting© varies depending on the client’s body shape and needs, which is why we recommend a free consult. Once we assess your goals we can give you a full package price. You are not required to complete the full recommended treatment but can select to do any part of the treatment plan subscribed. We are currently running a Summer Special to receive 20% off any CoolSculpting© packages, make sure you take advantage while you still can!

Last update of the article: 08/29/2020

My Favorite Summer Treatments

A common concern I hear from clients when the Summer season starts is that they want to keep up their skin but are afraid that frequent exposure to the sun makes it almost impossible to maintain skin health. For this reason, many clients will often neglect their skin until the Fall season.

I heavily encourage my clients to avoid this common mistake. Skin is our largest organ responsible for several primary functions like protection and Vitamin D production. Our skin deserves to be taken care of yearround. I want to give you a list of a few ways you can do just that this season.

Favorite Summer Skin Care:

skincare treatments, Favorite Summer Skin Care, My Favorite Summer TreatmentsLaser Genesis: This laser treatment that can be effectively performed yearround. During this treatment, we heat up the skin to cause thermal injury.  This Initiates the wound healing response, encouraging the production of collagen in the Dermis. When asked how frequently to get this done, I tell clients to treat this like a facial.  It can be done once a month or every other month and you will still reap the benefits. Immediately after the treatment, you may look flushed but within the hour your skin will look healthy, vibrant and wrinkles will appear diminished. The true magic happens around 30 days of post-treatment when new collagen has been created.

DermalInfusion®: This is our newest addition to Glo Medical Aesthetics.  It is an advanced skin resurfacing treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and condition-specific serum infusion.  These serum target conditions like pigmentation, acne, sun-damage, and dehydration. DermalInfusion® is a safe alternative to reduce pigmentation during the summer months, without the use of IPL or Laser photo facial.  This treatment doesn’t disappoint in becoming a client favorite.

GM Collins Sea C facial:  This facial is great during the summer months because of the antioxidant properties in vitamin C.  Vitamin C can help reduce UV induced photodamage to the skin, reducing the signs of aging. This relaxing 50 min facial is complete with exfoliation and a hydrating mask, a true summer ‘treat’. This summer favorite will leave your skin looking rejuvenated and you feeling relaxed.  

Last update of the article: 08/29/2020

When should I start getting Botox/Dysport (neurotoxin)?

One of the most common questions we receive at our medical spa is “when is the best time to start getting injectables like Botox and fillers“?  

Something we have found in our years of experience is that a client’s first injection experience is always the toughest. For this reason, most clients will choose to ease into the process by starting with Botox and leaving fillers for down the road. Clients are typically so satisfied with their Botox result that I have a hard time thinking of even one client who disliked their treatment.

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In regards to when someone should receive Botox, there is no definite answer. Many clients are in their 20’s doing what we call preventative Botox where they experience a low dosage in order to prevent wrinkles and lines from forming. Other clients have chosen to wait a little longer until they develop defined wrinkles.

To determine the best time for you to start Botox, ask yourself the question I ask all of my new injectable clients “What are you bothered by and what is your goal?” Once you understand what specifically bothers you and what you are trying to achieve with your Botox treatment, then chances are you are ready for injectables.

It is important to have a consultation with a professional and also determine if it is best for you to try peels or laser treatment before your botox treatment.

To set up a consultation with one of our professionals, please pick a day and time that works best for you here: https://www.glomedicalaesthetics.com/book-now/

Last update of the article: 08/29/2020