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A common concern I hear from clients when the Summer season starts is that they want to keep up their skin but are afraid that frequent exposure to the sun makes it almost impossible to maintain skin health. For this reason, many clients will often neglect their skin until the Fall season.

I heavily encourage my clients to avoid this common mistake. Skin is our largest organ responsible for several primary functions like protection and Vitamin D production. Our skin deserves to be taken care of yearround. I want to give you a list of a few ways you can do just that this season.

Favorite Summer Skin Care:

skincare treatments, Favorite Summer Skin Care, My Favorite Summer TreatmentsLaser Genesis: This laser treatment that can be effectively performed yearround. During this treatment, we heat up the skin to cause thermal injury.  This Initiates the wound healing response, encouraging the production of collagen in the Dermis. When asked how frequently to get this done, I tell clients to treat this like a facial.  It can be done once a month or every other month and you will still reap the benefits. Immediately after the treatment, you may look flushed but within the hour your skin will look healthy, vibrant and wrinkles will appear diminished. The true magic happens around 30 days of post-treatment when new collagen has been created.

DermalInfusion®: This is our newest addition to Glo Medical Aesthetics.  It is an advanced skin resurfacing treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and condition-specific serum infusion.  These serum target conditions like pigmentation, acne, sun-damage, and dehydration. DermalInfusion® is a safe alternative to reduce pigmentation during the summer months, without the use of IPL or Laser photo facial.  This treatment doesn’t disappoint in becoming a client favorite.

GM Collins Sea C facial:  This facial is great during the summer months because of the antioxidant properties in vitamin C.  Vitamin C can help reduce UV induced photodamage to the skin, reducing the signs of aging. This relaxing 50 min facial is complete with exfoliation and a hydrating mask, a true summer ‘treat’. This summer favorite will leave your skin looking rejuvenated and you feeling relaxed.  

Last update of the article: 08/29/2020