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CoolSculpting© is one of our most popular services, but also one of the services that we receive the most questions about. To further understand what CoolSculpting© is, read below!

CoolSculpting© is a fat-eliminating method that freezes your fat cells, kills them, and then you eliminate them through normal body excretion. This (really, I’ve seen it with my own eyes!) leaves you looking slimmer within six to twelve weeks.

Many people want to know how to start the process to a slimmer you!

First, you come in for a free consult (appointments are recommended but not always necessary). During your consult, we’ll talk about your problem areas and how CoolSculpting© can help. We will then assess the area with a plastic measuring tool that mimics the size of the applicators. During this process, there will be a little pinching and moving you around to get a proper assessment.

Once it’s established that you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting©, we will make an appointment (sometimes the same day).

During your treatment, we begin by marking (sharpie) out of the areas to be treated. We usually don’t recommend doing more than four applicators in a day, but it is possible to do more. Then, a gel pad is applied to your skin to protect it from the cold. After that, the applicator is applied where you will feel a sucking pressure as the fat is pulled into the applicator (think of a vacuum hose). Then, the machine begins to cool where it will only feel cold for about 7-8 minutes, and then the area becomes numb. The procedure takes between 35-45 minutes and the great news is that it’s not painful at all!

Before&After CoolSculpting©

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During your treatment, you can lie back, use your phone, work on your computer/iPad, watch TV while the machine does its magic! If anything, it’s a little boring.

The cost of CoolSculpting© varies depending on the client’s body shape and needs, which is why we recommend a free consult. Once we assess your goals we can give you a full package price. You are not required to complete the full recommended treatment but can select to do any part of the treatment plan subscribed. We are currently running a Summer Special to receive 20% off any CoolSculpting© packages, make sure you take advantage while you still can!

Last update of the article: 08/29/2020