Jenny will design is a holistic health program to uncover your health concerns on a cellular level.  The one to one sessions will begin with a deep dive: Together, you explore your current health, medical history, diet, and fitness regime. And, because health is holistic, we’ll also explore your gut health, stress levels, and sleep patterns.

Jenny will devise for you. detailed nutrition plan, supplement suggestions, workout programs, stress management tools, and a sleep regime.

3 sessions     $895

6 session       $1585

8 – Week Weight Loss Program

Join co-owners, Michelle and Jane, on an 8 – Week Weight loss program, Special Program Price* of $695 until the end of April!


Program includes:

  • 60 Minute In-Person Initial Consultation
  • Personalized nutrition, fitness, and well-being program designed for maximum fat loss
  • 1 In-Person Mid Program consultation
  • 2 Skype or phone consultations
  • Access to Jenny via email or text for questions and feedback
  • Accountability to Jenny throughout the program
  • Discounts on local health restaurants, juice bars, gyms, and fitness studios.
  • Discounted Coolsculpting Treatment at the end of the program

The average weight loss in 8 weeks is between 16 and 20lbs.

*Program price is $795 starting on May 1, 2019


“I have been working with Jennifer for 2 months and this is the first time I’ve ever been able to lose weight the healthy way. I tried working out, my hormones were all over the place and I was still feeling very tired and my weight kept going up. What I like about Jennifer is that she offers a holistic approach to a lifestyle change and not a radical diet change. I am so happy to say I lost about 15-18 pounds in 2 months! Jennifer’s coaching, checking in with me, and keeping me accountable works! It shows in the results,” S, Boston 

From the moment we started Jenny offered amazing guidance from a total health perspective, centered on fat loss and healthful low-carb eating. She really knows her stuff when it comes to workouts and nutrition, but she never browbeats you into following her direction: zero guilt-tripping, yelling, or negativity at all. She’ll tell you what you should do to achieve your goals, but emphasizes that your success is in your hands (not hers). I have been thrilled about what I’ve achieved health-wise working with Jenny – weight loss, inches loss, better diet, and more body confidence.” J, Newton