Oxygenating “Purifying” Facial

Control acne and revitalize fatigued, stressed, aging, dull skin with this Oxygenating Facial Treatment, by GMC Medical.

Our day-to-day lives, stressful jobs, environmental pollutants, sun exposure and food indulgences can greatly affect our skin. Oxygen infused into the cells can counteract these harmful effects, allowing the skin to repair itself, purify the congestion and regenerate healthy cells.

Control acne and revitalize fatigued, stressed, dull skin with this oxygenating clinical treatment by GMC Medical. A unique 5 step treatment formulated with salicylic acid, glycolic and lactic acids, and an oxygen complex to normalize and hydrate the skin.

The result? The improved circulation and removal of toxins will revitalize your skin, giving you a fresh, natural radiance and Glo.

* Best done as a series of five treatments, over a five-week period.

$150 per treatment
75 minutes