Jet Peel
When advanced jetstream technology meets state of the art skincare, JetPeel creates a revolution in the global beauty industry. Transdermal treatment of a new and better kind, JetPeel is a completely non-invasive, pain-free, comfortable, and clinically proven to provide same day visible results. Treatment with JetPeel penetrates deeply into the dermis, yet there are no needles, no heat, no skin breakage, and no recovery time. Just instant rejuvenation, and a treatment experience that is pleasant and relaxing.
Customizable for all skin conditions and types.

Best For
Combat the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles with advanced toning and soothing formulas. Specially formulated with premium best anti-aging ingredients, including bio-peptides, vegetal stem cells, and hyaluronic acid for the next generation, painless treatment.
Gentle yet powerful exfoliation formulas renew the skin with deep detox, cleansing, and hydrating action. Suitable for the face, neck, decollete, arms, hands, and thighs, rediscover the natural glow of refined skin with a soothed, silky look and feel.
Reduce excessive sweating with a state-of-the-art noninvasive power treatment for this distressing problem. Based on a synergy of active sweat-reducing ingredients, including peptides and vegetal extracts, clinically proven to show effective results.
Hair Care
Promote healthy beautiful hair growth and glow with deep cleansing, nourishing formulas that actively work to reduce the rate of hair loss. Rich in antioxidants, fibroblast-targeting herbal compounds, and biomimetic peptides that create denser growth and healthy hair.
Restore the skin’s natural smoothness and clarity with acne treatment and prevention formulas, designed to combat bacterial and other causes of acne and rebalance acne-prone skin. Soothe the skin’s sebum levels for purified beautiful skin with less shine and a healthy matte glow.
Treat sun spots, age spots, and pigmentation problems with a pure whitening complex containing Bio-White, an advanced concentration of natural ingredients that inhibit color pigments and immediately brighten the skin in a smooth uniform tone. Watch the skin lighten and improve session by session.
The ultimate powerful and effective firming treatment to restore a toned look of youth, ATX-NAT is a JetPeel Solution that delivers a similar result to treatment with Botulinum Toxin A, without paralyzing the skin.
Specially formulated for the treatment of couperose and sensitive skin, this powerful serum delivers anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits for a smooth and healthy look.

Your Questions Answered:

How often should I get a JetPeel Facial?
We recommend every 4-6 weeks.
Some conditions require more frequent treatment for desired result, you will discuss options with your aesthetician 
What does it feel like?
JetPeel feels like a cool powerwash for your skin. Although the sound is loud, it is not intolerable and you can wear airpods for noise canceling if you like.
Can I resume normal activity after the facial?
Yes, There is no down time after JetPeel
Does this facial include extractions?
Time to Event
You can do this treatment anytime up to the day before a big event Events Related to Coolsculpting by GLO

Before & After

Individual results may vary